BMS Software experts create the software solutions based on artificial intelligence technologies.

This high technology software is aimed at the most successful solving of informatization tasks, data collecting, its processing and analysis as well as for prediction tasks, identifying potential risks and their control.

We create intelligent software that can
support decision making by modelling
the human intelligence, more here

You are in Business. You're successful. You are using our software.
We are generating such IT solutions that facilitate the business processes efficiency of your company.

BMS Soft offers both end products ("box"), and software development on demand, more here

BMS Soft Art Studio will create a Web site of any complexity: from one page website to a portal or social network.

Art Studio specialists will make your Internet resource unique, convenient and easy for comprehension.

As a result you'll get a web site that will be attractive for users, as well as an effective tool to draw new customers and find business partners,
more here

BMS Soft provides the expert and independent services targeted on administration of system quality and functional possibilities starting from the earliest stages of product development.

BMS Soft specialists have extensive
software testing experience,
from simple applications
to complex cross-platform software,
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BMS Soft company do cares about its customers so offers the technical support for the developed product after the project completion. Our technical support and maintenance service provides different levels of the support proceeding from the business needs of the clients.

Services and support tools consists of monitoring
and analysis of operating systems
and databases conditions,
preventive maintenance performance,
as well as activities to fix the problems
and establish the necessary
software updates,
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